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Switchboard Repairs and Replacement

Switchboard Repairs and Replacement

Electrical power systems function on power that’s supplied by the utility company; this power moves through your property via an electrical switchboard. The latter is one of the most crucial components of the wider power distribution process. It holds a range of electrical panels and each of these has circuit breakers that evenly break up the power and redirect the electricity.

The main function of a switchboard is to control the flow of power. The electricity that comes in from the utility company is divided and distributed as required, to different areas and rooms in your home or commercial building. There are different types of switchboards with variants such as interrupt rating, current rating, voltage type and construction type as well as insulation medium and operating type etc.

When any switchboard repairs or replacement in Sydney has to be done, it’s important that only a licensed and insured electrical company like ours to handle the job. We will conduct tests to check power load etc.and then make recommendations of the type and capacity of switchboard you require. The power distribution that happens at the switchboard is dependent on the amount of power required by a device to function well.

If you notice some erratic functioning of the switchboards on your property, it’s important that you callus to inspect and test the installation. Our electricians will be able to give you an objective opinion on whether repairs are required or replacement would be a better solution. It’s never a good idea to turn switchboard replacement or repairs into a DIY project as that can expose you to electrocution risk and can lead to a fire hazard as well. We at Local Electrical Experts provide excellent and reliable switchboard upgrade in Sydney at very cost-effective pricing.

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Switchboard repairs-what’s involved in it?

An old and out-dated switchboard is more prone to short circuiting; these older installations have fuses in place of the current day circuit breakers and the risk of electrical shocks is significantly higher in these fixtures. In most instances, a switchboard repair involves a replacement of the broken or non-functioning circuit breakers. If the system is old and you prefer it,a complete switchboard replacement in Sydney or upgrade will be done.

Switchboards and the circuit breaker fixtures in them are extremely sensitive pieces of electrical equipment, but they are very resilient and hardy as well. However,there are some things that can go awry with these installations. Some common signs of problems in switchboards include:

  • A fuse constantly blows and you find that you are replacing the fuse wire very often.
  • Flickering lights on your property
  • If you have the new type of switchboard with circuit breakers in it, you find that the circuit breaker trips very often and you have to reset it every now and then.
These are signs that the system doesn’t have the capacity to support the loads on it. Modern day appliances are power guzzlers and older wiring and switchboards are unable to handle these loads. And so when multiple heavy-duty devices or appliances are used simultaneously on your premises, that can cause the switchboard to malfunction and will demand professional switchboard repairs service in Sydney.
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Switchboard replacement-what’s involved in it?
  • 1. Residential switchboard replacement
    If your home is older than 20 years and has older wiring and switchboards with old type fuses, it’s time to get it replaced without delay. This is recommended instead of a switchboard repair. This is because the older switchboards don’t have circuit breakers or RCDs and don’t have the capacity to deal with the power demands of modern appliances such as computers, fridges, ovens, washing machines, air conditioning etc. The electrical company will test the existing system, assess your power needs and then recommend which systems will work best for you.
  • 2. Residential switchboard replacement
    Commercial switchboard installation requirements are very different from residential ones; the latter don’t have to bear the load of very heavy –duty equipment. On the other hand, factories, retail establishments, and office buildings need more complex and specialised switchboards and most of these have three-phase power to deal with their extensive power demands.
If you are expanding your business or upgrading any of your equipment and machinery, you would need a switchboard repairs and replacement in Sydney to cope with the additional power demands. The very last thing you want to deal with is electrocution, power failure or a fire because your existing switchboard system can’t cope with the added demands of your business.
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We at Local Electrical Experts can handle all types of switchboard repair and replacement jobs in a safe and efficient manner. Take a look at why you should hire us for this job:
  • Compliant with Australian Industry Standards
  • Licensed and insured company
  • Complete consultation and testing of existing switchboards
  • Use guaranteed, branded products in the installations
  • Can handle residential and commercial switchboard repairs and replacements
  • Provide guarantees for our work
  • We offer 24/7 emergency response for switchboard repairs
If you want to know more about our residential and commercial switchboard repair and replacement services here at Local Electrical Experts, don’t hesitate to call us at 0451 831 731 or contact us through our online contact form.