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Smoke Alarm Repairs and Installation

Every residential or commercial property must have a functional smoke alarm. You’re required by law to take this precaution and ensure you have that first level of security against fires. Unfortunately, most property owners don’t pay much attention to their smoke alarms and don’t take steps to maintain them. At Local Electrical Experts, we encourage clients to get their smoke alarms serviced and repaired regularly. We also encourage them to replace malfunctioning smoke alarms promptly.
Smoke alarm repairs and installations
As smoke alarms are usually out of sight. It’s not easy to determine if they’re functioning well unless there’s enough fire to generate smoke, which can be risky. That’s one of the reasons why authorities require property owners to test and maintain their smoke alarms regularly. We offer excellent alarm repair and installation services:
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Smoke alarm repair
Smoke alarm repairs usually start with a complete assessment. Most smoke alarms are meant to last for several years without problems. Most alarms will emit a chirping sound when the battery is down and requires replacement. Here’s what our electrician will do after they arrive at your property:
  • Our electrician will carefully examine the alarm and determine if there’s a problem with its function. In most cases, we just need to replace the battery and check the connections.
  • The batteries on modern smoke alarms can easily last for 7 to 10 years without the need for being replaced. Once the battery is installed, the smoke alarm should function normally.
  • If the alarm still doesn’t function well, despite the replacement battery, our technician will examine the inner circuitry carefully to determine the true cause of the problem. Some issues can be fixed by simply strengthening the connections within the alarm. However, sometimes that’s not enough and you need to get it replaced.
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Smoke alarm installation
Most homes and commercial properties come with smoke alarms already installed. Nevertheless, it’s important to examine it and decide if they need to be replaced. We offer great installation services and can help you make your property safer for everyone. Here’s what we can do for you:
  • Check the old smoke alarm – During the visit, our first step is to examine your current alarm to ensure it is damaged and requires replacement. We never want our customers to spend more than they need to on repairs and replacements. Once our electrician is certain you need a replacement, they move on to the next step.
  • Recommend a good replacement – We’re familiar with the market and know which products perform well in real life situations. We’ll only recommend smoke alarms that have a long life-expectancy, have good response times, and are durable. Our electrician will explain the advantages and disadvantages of every brand carefully so you can make your decision with your eyes open.
  • Plan the placement – We follow government codes and instructions when we install the smoke alarms. Our electrician will make sure the alarm is placed at the right location to detect smoke at the earliest possible opportunity. That increases your level of safety and allows you more time to leave the property.
  • Install the replacement – Once you’ve selected which smoke alarm you want to install, our electrician will quickly and effectively carry out the replacement.
We always consider smoke alarm repairs and installations to be an urgent repair so we’ll arrange an appointment as quickly as we can. If our electrician is free, they’ll be dispatched immediately at your convenience so the smoke alarm repair and installation is done promptly.
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Bulk repairs and installations

A residential and commercial property will have more than one smoke alarm. We can test, repair, or replace all the alarms present in your home or office to ensure your property is completely secure. Our electrician will examine every alarm present on your property and make note of alarms that need repairs or need to be replaced. Once they have the complete list, they’ll get the supplies and start working on the repair or installation process.

They’ll purchase the new alarms from reliable distributors and work to keep the cost of the repairs and replacements down. Our skilled electricians are also very efficient and quick so you won’t have to face much downtime while they carry out the repairs and replacements.

Why hire us for the job?
  • We’re a licensed and insured company with a well-established reputation in the industry. You can trust us to provide the best quality results possible.
  • Our electricians are well-trained and experienced. They also keep their skills sharp and their knowledge current so you can expect them to know about the latest in smoke alarm technology.
  • Our company has been a part of this industry for over 12 years.
  • We have excellent customer service so you can call us at any time to get prompt assistance.
If you want to know more about smoke alarm repairs and installation and our services here at Local Electrical Experts, don’t hesitate to call us at 045 1 831 731 or contact us through our online contact form. If you have an emergency, we have a solution!